PSRemotely example using PreferNodeProperty to use IPV4/IPv6 address as part of the Node configuration data

Though PSRemotely supports using IPv4/IPv6 address as the nodenames for targeting remote nodes for operations validaiton. There is a downside to it, the output JSON object will contain the nodename as the cryptic IPv4/IPv6 address. So in order to keep a friendly name for the node names and yet be able to specify the IPv4/IPv6 address to be used to connect to the remote node the PreferNodeProperty parameter comes into picture. Thanks to Iain Brighton for the idea.

See below the configuration data for the node named 'TestVM', which is just a friendly name for identifying the node. Now in the configuration data an attribute named IPAddress is specified and I want to instruct PSRemotely to use this to connect to the node. The above is achieved by specifying the argument IPAddress to the parameter -PreferNodeProperty with the PSRemotely keyword.

Note - Below the Credential attribute (hard constraint on the name) has to be explicilty specified when IPv4/IPv6 address are used. Also the credential attribute is removed and not available on the remote session. So you can't reference credential e.g. $Node.Credential in your ops validation tests.

As an alternative you can take a look at specifying credentials using CredentialHash with PSRemotely.

# COnfiguration data, at the moment lives here but this can be generated on deman and separated from tests later
$configdata = @{
    AllNodes = @(
            # common node information hashtable
            NodeName = '*';
            DomainName = 'dexter.lab'
            # Individual node information hashtable
            NodeName = 'TestVM' # Firendly name to identify this node
            IPAddress = '' # The IPv4 address to be used to connect over PSRemoting
            Credential = $(New-Object -TypeName PSCredential -ArgumentList 'PSRemotely', $(ConvertTo-SecureString -String 'T3stPassw0rd#' -AsPlainText -Force)) # Since we are using IPV4 address, credential has to be explicitly specified
            TestAttribute = 'TestValue'

PSRemotely -ConfigurationData $ConfigData -PreferNodeProperty  IPAddress -Verbose {

    Node $AllNodes.NodeName {

        Describe 'Testing Node variable' {

            It 'SHould have TestAttribute set' {
                $Node.TestAttribute | Should Be 'TestValue'

            It 'Should NOT have the Credential set, Credential used to connect does not get passed to the Remote session' {
                $Node.Credential | Should BeNullOrEmpty # See here that the Credential attribute is not populated in the remote PSSession

            It 'Should have common node property e.g. DomainName set' {
                $Node.DomainName | Should Be 'dexter.lab'

Below is the output when the above PSRemotely tests are run:

    "Status":  true,
    "NodeName":  "TestVM",
    "Tests":  [
                      "TestResult":  [

                      "Result":  true,
                      "Name":  "Testing Node variable"

Note - Though the IPaddress was used to connect to the Remote node, the output JSON object has the friendly nodename.